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The personal data of the users of our website are used, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/97 for the “Protection of the individual from the processing of personal data”. By registering / declaring your data, such as name, email, home address, telephone, etc., you provide your consent for their collection and processing by the Company to the extent that is absolutely necessary for its service. for the purpose of their collection.

Purpose of collection and processing
The above collection and processing of your personal data is done to the extent that is absolutely necessary for the execution and proof of your orders, commercial communication – sales promotion through informative e-mails / newsletters (eg your information about new products and offers, for participation in competitions, etc.), the improvement of the services provided through our website as well as the collection of statistics and only statements (which will not contain personal data that may lead to the identification of individuals).

Recipient of personal data
The recipient of the above personal data is the Company. The Company may outsource the provision of support services for the execution of orders, its commercial communication with users or the sending of advertising messages and personalized offers, to a third party cooperating with this company. The latter must fully comply with the principles of confidentiality observed by the Company regarding the personal data of users. In any case, the Company may not disclose, disclose, sell or exchange your personal data, which remains confidential. Exceptionally, the kept data may be disclosed to the competent judicial authorities, at their request, in accordance with applicable law.

Duration of personal data retention and rights of registered users
The Company maintains a file with the above data for the period of time you remain a registered user. As a registered user of our website you can at any time access your personal information (article 12 L. 2472/1997) as well as request the change or deletion of this information and generally raise objections to the processing of data concerning you ( article 13 Law 2472/1997). In case you wish to exercise the above access rights and objections you can contact us by e-mail at

All information transmitted by users to the website is confidential. In particular, in order to protect your personal data and your electronic transactions, the Company has taken the following mechanisms – security methods:
a. User Login Identification (Authorization):
In order to make any electronic transaction with the Company, it is necessary to create an account on our website. To access this account it is necessary to fill in a username and password, which you choose and recognize exclusively.
b. Use of SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) Technology: This is a communication protocol, which encrypts using a 128-bit key the information (on the page of the bank we work with), that comes from your terminal until it reaches the server of the website where it is decrypted. This method protects your personal data as it can not be read or altered during their transfer to the Internet while at the same time verifying the integrity and authenticity (Integrity – Authenticity) of the transmitted information.

The collection, use and disposal of personal data of minors is done only with the explicit written consent of their parents or guardians. However, the Company does not bear any responsibility in case of false submission of data when completing the user registration application.